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The device is EPTTly applied to rewind the coiling wires out of down coiler in Al Rod CC ampRL , which could make the profile beautiful , normal , orderly arrangement and hassle-free for EPTT length transportation

2.Primary EPTnical Parameters

NO. Description Unit Info
1 Dia. Of single wire cent9.five
two Max. rotary pace for reel r/min 59.four
3 Max. linear speed for vacant reel m/s 2~three.five
four Traversing scope mm ten.6~thirteen.5
5 Reel specification mm phi1460 moments phi650 times1000
6 Specification for coiling bunch mm phi1400 moments phi650 times1000
7 WeigEPTT for coiling bunch kg ~1800
eight Complete coiling duration m ~9500
nine Major motor Kw/rpm 7.5/a hundred twenty five~1250
10 motor for reel movement Kw/rpm 1.1/910
eleven Whole excess weight kg 5700
12 Overall dimension mm 9000 times4310 times4540

3.Principal Parts
It mostly consists of spend-off device, straightening amp meter counter, just take-up amptraversing unit and EPT handle unit.

3.1. Spend-off unit
The device is composed of body and XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. pulley ,it’s outfitted with the EPTd solitary column and rotary cantiEPT , it could EPTTltaneously function for Al rod of two~three reels , so ensure to work repeatedly .
-The max. coil Of inlet Al rod is Phi2000
-Perform heigEPTT is five m. it’s not easy for rod to be entangled
-Outfitted with alarm thanks to entangled rod.
-Straighten the rod as it functions

3.two. Straightening amp Meter Counter
Straightening device is mostly integrated with three-team straightening pulley, meter counter, board swaying in remaining and rigEPTT and base frame.
3 groups of straightening pulley is individually arranged at the horizontal and straigEPTT amount . The al rod is straightened into the spooling reel soon after passing by means of three groups of straightening pulleys.
Rear finish of shaft for actively straightening pulley is mounted with damping wheel and damping EPTT for adjustable tension. Tension of damping EPTT is carried out by modifying the screws
The meter counter is arranged at the rear finish of shaft for last straightening pulley, metering pulley and meter communication device rotates as the al rod runs, the counting duration is 250mm following the metering pulley operates for each a single spherical, meter interaction unit provides two items of details. If the metering size is 1000mm, eight pieces of info is sent, every single communication information is equal to length of 125mm.
On board swaying in remaining and rigEPTT is concentrated with all straightening pulleEPTTand metering counter . as the traversing unit performs to and fro, swaying board begins to sway around mounted shaft so that it makes certain managing al rod not to be curved.

3.three. consider-up amptraversing device
The device is mainly composed of EPTT EPT box, traversing device , expansive reel unit.
EPTT EPT box is EPTn by the motor with convertor (N=seven.5Kw), by means of shallow triangle belt, the major EPTT shaft EPTs the reel to rotate ,so it will get the rod spooling and coiling.
Max. rotary pace of spooling reel is fifty nine.4r/min
As EPT is from the EPTT EPT box , by way of EPTs of EPT wheel, EPT EPTT and shift EPT , then to traversing screw bolt , traversing unit performs.
Traversing pitch is managed by the change pulley.
The change course of traversing is completed by shifts of two electromagnetic clutches in EPTT box.
Traversing journey is managed by the two approach switches with no touching factors on the traversing device.
Expansive reel unit primarily consists of two stop boards at left and rigEPTT reels, expansive plum board, assistance box relocating at remaining and correct, XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. pole and holder.
As for two conclude boards at left and rigEPTT reels, one particular at the rigEPTT reel is mounted on the principal shaft of EPTT EPT box, the other at the left reel is on the major shaft of assistance box.
On every of 2 end boards is equally carved into 3 grooves ,which is employed for binding .
On end board at the rigEPTT reels is similarly mounted with 3 allotting pins and 3 lock models. Allotting pins delivers the EPT to make the reel rotate 3 lock models locks the rigEPTT reel and expansive plum board tightly collectively to get started spooling and winding.
At the two ends of each and every expansive plum board are mounted two movable help poles, 1 finish of pole is set support holEPTTof hollow main shaft. one stop of a single pushing pole is related with the movable help pole and plum board by pins, the other conclude of pushing pole is related with the slip sleeve movable aXiHu (West EPT) on hollow shaft by hinge, slip sleeve is drove to transfer aXiHu (West EPT) with assist of screw and nut in hollow shaft and pushing pole EPTs assistance pole to rotate round the set holEPTTon shaft and make the plum board expand and shrink.
Screw bolt in hollow shaft is controlled by manual.
Movable assistance box is mounted on the two parts of XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. poles, and drove by motor (N=1.1kw n=1460r/min) ,by way of teethed belt and with the assist of screw bolt and nut . main shaft of reel and conclude board of remaining reel go in direction of the rigEPTT to the approXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mate placement of rigEPTT reel, the motor stops .
Change the comparative place of rigEPTT and left reels, function the motor to EPT the screw bolt and nut by handbook in orEPTTto make conclude of main shaft on support box match nicely with inserting hole on rigEPTT reel , then rotate the screw bolt and nut in hollow shaft to make the plum board increase , lastly lock the 3 lock units on the rigEPTT reel with plum board tightly

4. Reference Photos

  in Bhiwandi India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Aluminum Rod Rewinder Machines of Horizontal Rewinder Rewinding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Bhiwandi India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Aluminum Rod Rewinder Machines of Horizontal Rewinder Rewinding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler