Description of stainless steel motor

HZPT stainless steel motor is hygienic in design, smooth in body, and IP66 in protection grade, suitable for all flushing and sanitary applications. HZPT motor is designed to withstand frequent high pressure and high-temperature flushing. All external components, including the motor shaft, are 300 series stainless steel. This provides excellent corrosion resistance because there is no paint falling off, and it is resistant to the disinfection chemicals used in the cleaning process. It provides a lasting solution in which hygiene is crucial.

Unlike standard motors, HZPT stainless steel series has “clean lines” and no heat sinks. In the design, considering the cleanliness, it has no paint fragments or peeling, and no surface will rust. The waste can be easily washed away without leaving any residue, and the motor can be safely used in food processing. Even the nameplate is laser etched on the shell to reduce the area where bacteria are latent.

IEC Stainless steel motors have the detailed specifications as follows

NEMA Stainless steel motors have the detailed specifications as follows

Application Of Stainless Steel Motor

Food and chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical applications, and other environments require corrosion-resistant, watertight

motors. Consideration and any replacements must be quick and easy.

Stainless steel motor:
NEMA Stainless Steel Motor
Food Safe Stainless Steel Motor
Washdown duty motor
IEC Stainless steel motor

Types of Protection of Stainless Steel Motor

Overcurrent protection:
Overcurrent means that the working current of the motor exceeds its rated value. If it takes a long time, it will overheat the motor and damage it, so protective measures must be taken.
When overcurrent, the current still flows through the standard path, and its value is smaller than the short-circuit current value. Overcurrent is generally due to excessive load or incorrect startup. To avoid affecting the regular operation of the motor, the overcurrent protection action value should be slightly larger than the standard starting current.
Overcurrent protection also requires the protection device to be able to act instantaneously. Overcurrent protection generally uses overcurrent relays.

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